Who Do You Love?

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Now that I’ve given you a bit of earworm for the day… I have to tell you that I absolutely love Seeley Booth from Bones. I watch a lot of TV, but over the years, most of the shows I’ve followed have been 9pm shows, with the occasional one that started at 8pm CST. Long story short = kids.

Bones is one of the shows that when it first aired, I really wanted to watch it. It looked interesting and right up my alley (FBI and dead bodies), but alas, it had an early time slot so it wasn’t going to happen. When TNT started airing reruns, I fell in love. My husband bought me the first 3 seasons, and I watched them all back-to-back. I couldn’t get enough. Then, I got a DVR (best invention ever) so I don’t have to wait.

Tonight will be the third episode of the new season. Temperance Brennan is a fabulous character. She’s funny without trying to be and I love that she’s smarter than everyone, but still flawed.

Booth, however, is the perfect hero. My husband knows about my mega-crush on Booth, but he attributes it to David Boreanaz being hot, which he is, no argument. But really, it’s the character I love.

He’s smart, cocky, funny, and fiercely protective of those he loves. He looks good in suit or jeans. He’s comfortable in his own skin, with who he is. He’s the kind of guy who lets you know where you stand with him, and he’s not afraid of emotion.

Booth isn’t perfect. He comes from a dysfunctional family, which is baggage he carries with him. He was abused. He was a sniper in the military. He’s killed and it weighs on him. He’s a recovering gambling addict.

All these things make him human and relatable. It’s what all writers strive for in creating characters.  If you don’t know Booth and Bones, here’s a peek:


Oh, and did I mention … he’s a man in uniform 🙂

Which fictional hero (TV, movies, books) do you love? What makes him most lovable?



2 responses to “Who Do You Love?”

  1. Debra Kristi says:

    If it weren’t for our DVR I would never watch a show because of the kids! LOL Mine never stay down when I put them down at bedtime. *sigh*

    I used to watch Bones on a regular basis. I finally got so busy something had to go. I recently watched an episode and saw that Angela and Hodgins finally did get secretly married. I was so happy about that. If it has since broken up I don’t want to know. Don’t burst my bubble. I was upset when I had stopped watching the show before and their relationship hadn’t worked out.

    • Shannyn says:

      Angela and Hodgins were together then apart, but they are together and happily married (and they have a baby) 🙂 No bubble bursting necessary.