Traitors… Or Not?

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There’s a new show that premiered two weeks ago, called Last Resort. The basic premise is that a crew aboard a U.S. submarine receives orders to bomb Pakistan. The orders come through a secondary channel and technically, Pakistan is a U.S. ally. The command questions the order right before they press the red button. They just want confirmation that the order is really from the U.S. and that the system hadn’t been somehow hacked.

To me, this is fascinating. I think as regular citizens, we see nothing wrong with this. We have faith in this crew. We like that they questioned the order. Imagine what would happen if the communication system had been hacked. These people would be at fault for causing a war. Plus, as U.S. citizens, we’re taught to be free thinkers. We’re supposed to develop our own ideas and opinions.


And this is a ginormous BUT — 

I’m married to a Marine and I watched this first episode with him. As soon as they questioned the orders, he labeled them traitors. And he has a point. In the military, you’re not supposed to be a free thinker. You’re supposed to follow orders. Everything depends on people doing their jobs and following orders. 

While the teacher and mom in me wants to cheer for that crew for standing up to something they felt was wrong, the patriot in me cringes because they’re not doing what they’re supposed to. My life as I know it is dependent on soldiers doing what they’re told. 

I watched the second episode (the third airs tonight) and there’s hinky stuff going on. To me, common sense says that they didn’t bomb Pakistan and they were wrong for not following orders, so they should’ve come home to suffer the consequences (court martial, etc). But the government let things get out of hand too quickly. There’s something else going on. Of course, part of it is that it’s TV drama and if the government just tried to sweep the disobedience under the rug (which is what my gut says the government would do), we wouldn’t have a show. The government wants this crew to be the fall guys or scapegoats for something, but I don’t know what. It’s enough to make me keep watching.

At every turn the motivation of these characters comes into question. They’re being attacked by their own country. By their own people. In order to defend themselves, technically, they’d have to kill their own brothers. They haven’t yet, but it’s been close. Is that a line they’re willing to cross? As viewers, could we forgive that?

It’s some heavy stuff to think about. Unfortunately, I saw a brief note that this show might be canceled due to poor ratings and I’ll be really ticked off if they cancel it without letting me know the whole story.

Have you watched Last Resort? Are they traitors or not?



2 responses to “Traitors… Or Not?”

  1. My hubby and I watched the first episode. The second is still queued on the DVR. Hubby was a Navy man but he doesn’t think they are traitors. He says the orders didn’t come through proper primary channels so they had every right to question the orders.

    Sorry to hear that the series may be cancelled. We found it interesting and will be very annoyed if the network yanks it off the air before giving the viewers some kind of resolution.

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