The Good Ol’ Days of TV

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I think I might’ve mentioned before that might kids (especially the girls) have a fondness for old TV shows. I’m too lazy to actually look through blog posts, but Shorty fell in love with Full House a few years ago and I bought her the entire series on DVD for her birthday that year. They gobbled up every episode of The Cosby Show on Netflix. Recently, the discovered The Brady Bunch on TV and have the DVR set to record every episode. 

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Recently our DVD player died, and while at Best Buy, I checked out the TV shows on DVD. I was looking for I Dream of Jeannie because Trouble really likes it, but it hasn’t been playing on TV for a long time now. Unfortunately, I had no luck in finding it, but I did find Happy Days. I bought the first season, because hey, for ten bucks, my kids get some wholesome entertainment and I’m not stuck watching some of the really stupid shows they make for kids these days. (How I long for shows like Wizards of Waverly Place.)

Anyway, I got home and let the girls have the DVDs. About ten minutes into the first episode, I started to question whether this was a good idea. The episode was all about Potsie fixing Richie up with a girl who had “a reputation.” Then they proceeded to discuss the best way to remove a bra (complete with demonstration – it was on a radiator). My girls didn’t question the whole “reputation” thing, but they certainly understood what was up with the bra. They laughed and thought it was funny, but all I could think was: I thought Happy Days was supposed to be a clean, sanitized show?

I was younger than Shorty when I watched Happy Days. I grew up watching it, but I don’t remember this. In another show, Richie and Potsie are going to a Marine’s bachelor party because they’re sure there’s going to be a stripper there. They get drunk on beer (they’re both still in high school) and there is a dancer who pops out of a cake, but she doesn’t strip. In yet another episode, they get fake IDs so they can sneak into a strip club to see a woman who supposedly “takes it all off.” Again, nothing actually happens, but the idea is there.

I went to search reviews of Happy Days and everything says the same: it’s a feel-good, clean show. I haven’t stopped the kids from watching because even with these instances (and there were more), it still is cleaner than some shows out there. I do pay attention to what my kids watch and there are a lot that aren’t allowed on our TV, but I have mixed emotions about this. I only bought the first season, and I’m not sure if I’d buy other seasons. Maybe I’ll wait and see what happens in other episodes. 

What are your favorite classic TV shows? Have they held up to your memories of them?

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  1. Cynthia says:

    My favorite has always been MASH. I have always had a thing for any type of medical story but Alan Alda is one of the best actors of all time. In MASH one of the characters, HotLips, was the head nurse (or itch) as some would say but she had the men in the show had a slight fear of her…..some say I carry the same aura. I can watch the show over and over again.