The Next Big Thing: All About My WIP

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The Next Big Thing is the latest meme to hit writers and their blogs. I’ve been tagged by Kate Meader, who is a Chicago-North RWA chaptermate and fellow contemporary romance author. Her first book FEEL THE HEAT (a foodie romance!) is due out next spring.  Rules for The Next Big Thing Blog Hop:***Use this format […]


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The Booker Award

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My friend and chaptermate, Kate Meader,  tagged me via Twitter to let me know that she was passing the Booker Award on to me. This is a fun, albeit a little difficult meme to complete, so first I’d like to thank Kate for nominating me. I agree with Kate; the title does sound very fancy, […]



Who Do You Love? Alpha or Beta Heroes?

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I wasn’t really sure what I was going to write about today and then I read an interview with Ruthie Knox. Ruthie’s new book About Last Night comes out next week. I thought the release date was today, so I was quite disappointed to find out I’m a week early. If you’ve been reading my […]



For the Love of Royalty

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Since I’m participating in the Diamond Jubilee blog hop (kind of, since WordPress won’t let me use the java script to include the links and raffle spot here), I thought I should do a post on America’s love for British royalty. I remember the buzz when I was a kid about Charles and Diana’s wedding. […]


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Diamond Jubilee

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Hi all — I’m posting on a non-regular day because I’m participating in Romance at Random’s Jubilee blog hop. There are tons (okay, 26) of prizes, so hop around to gather your entries. The Diamond Jubilee marks the 60 anniversary of the Queen of England’s reign. The blog hop is to celebrate the release of […]


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Tag, I’m It – Lucky 7 Meme

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I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest meme being passed around the interwebs, but it’s called Lucky 7 and I’ve been tagged by Emma Burcart to share some writing from my WIP. Like most things that get passed around, Lucky 7 has its own set of rules: Open your WIP (current work in progress) […]



Emotion and Conflict – What’s Enough?

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The idea for this post has been percolating in my brain for a while and I recently read a blog post by author Janice Hardy which sparked me to want to write it now. Her post is about stakes for the characters in a novel. I’m a little torn about what she says. I agree that […]