Cookie Day!

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Every year for the past 27 years (damn, I sound really old when I write it like that), my best friend and I have gotten together to bake Christmas cookies. It’s one of the few traditions that is important to me. We’ve done it for so long that we almost have it down to a […]


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Merry Christmas

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I love Christmas light shows. I’m too lazy to ever attempt it myself, but I love that others do it. (I’m also glad that I don’t actually live next to one of these houses.)     Have a happy and safe holiday!!


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Holiday Traditions 2012

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I grew up in a family with very few traditions. Christmas was the one time of year that we had things we could count on. Christmas Eve dinner was a meatless affair at my mom’s mom’s house (good Catholics didn’t eat meat on Christmas Eve). We would each get to open one present at Grandma’s […]


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So Behind for the Holidays

Posted Dec 13 2012 in , ,

After spending last week in Florida for cheerleading nationals and playing catch up this week, I feel so out of it. As much as I love this time of year, I feel more hectic than ever, and I think it’s the Florida trip that did me in. My daughter’s squad didn’t place (1st, 2nd, or […]


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Friday Favorites – Setting Goals, Not Resolutions

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This week’s Friday Favorites post is going to be short. I think most people are getting into the spirit of the next holiday. All over the web you can find Best of 2011 lists for just about everything. You can also find a ton of posts on New Year’s resolutions. I’ve already spoken about how […]



Non-Traditional Holiday Stuff

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Sorry for the late post. Another migraine hit and made things move slower than usual around here. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve written about the few Christmas traditions we have as a family. While on Twitter, I noticed some people mentioning their non-traditional holiday meal — cheeseburgers and tater tots. While I do […]



Friday Favorites – Writing and the Holidays

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You know, given that the holidays are this weekend, you’d think that the blogosphere would’ve slowed down some. Not the case. I still found gobs of great posts to share. TV Surprisingly, I only have a few TV post to mention. Of course the first up is Tiffany White again. I swear, we’re not related, […]


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Holiday Traditions – Music

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Last week I said that I didn’t grow up with too many holiday traditions, but music was always a part of Christmas. A local radio station starts playing only Christmas music right after Thanksgiving. Usually by the first week of December, I’ve tuned in and listen a lot. Half of our cookie baking day is […]



Holiday Traditions – Christmas Cookies

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I grew up with very few holiday traditions. The ones we did have came from my grandparents more than my mom. My dad died when I was 4, so she was a single working mother and she did her best. She always did Christmas morning breakfast for the whole family. Christmas Eve was at her […]