Video Wednesday – Why People Fall in Love

Posted May 28 2014 in , , , ,

I think this is interesting. Although the opening segment made me glad that I don’t have to worry about dating (man, is that overwhelming), the rest speaks to how and why people fall in love. I think a big part of why so many of us read romance is because we love the falling in […]


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How Do You Know When It’s Love?

Posted Jun 19 2012 in , , , , , ,

As both a romance writer and reader, the thing I enjoy most about the genre is watching two people fall in love. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it makes you cry, and we always know that the couple will make it through to be happy (at least for now, if not forever). Knowing that happiness […]



Men Fall in Love Faster than Women – Really?

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Recently I saw a news article on the topic of men falling in love. I went to find the original source and couldn’t find anything from the past couple of weeks, but I did find this one from last summer. Why it took Yahoo 9 months to run something similar is beyond me. Basically, a […]



Funny Guys

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I know I usually blog about TV on Thursdays and while I’ve watched some great new shows over the past couple of weeks, I’m fighting the tail end (I hope) of a migraine. So instead, I bring you this: I found this on StumbleUpon, and although I tried to find the actual source, I had […]