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I think we can all agree that I watch too much TV and the invention of the DVR has simply enabled me to watch more. But given all the vices I don’t have in my life, I think this one is acceptable. I’ve said it before — the best thing about cable TV is the seemingly never-ending supply of new episodes of something. It used to be that the TV season ran from September through May (with plenty of reruns along the way). Cable has redefined what a TV season is and I love it. Just as regular network stations are getting into reruns, favorites on cable start fresh. This summer, I have a whole bunch that I’m looking forward to.

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First up, The Glades. This is another cop show. I was originally sucked into this one because the lead character, Jim Longworth, is a cop from Chicago, who moves to Florida. The cases he solves are pretty standard fare, but again, it’s the characters that draw me in. He gets involved with a nurse, who is a single mother, and still married. But her husband is in jail. Last season, the husband was released and Callie had some decisions to make. The Glades returns on June 3.

Another cop show I’m waiting for is The Closer. This is the last 6 episodes for this show. Admittedly, I mostly watch because I love Fritz. He’s too good for Brenda. The Closer will air on July 9.

Rizzoli & Isles is coming back on June 5. I’ve briefly mentioned my love for this show before, along with my girl crush on Angie Harmon.

I have 2 lawyer shows I’m looking forward to. The first is Franklin & Bash. This show feels

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like Boston Legal, which is why I like it. There’s some good TV lawyering going on, but nothing too serious. The lead characters are good at what they do, but they act like kids a good portion of the time, which makes them fun to watch. Franklin & Bash returns June 5.

The other lawyer show is Suits. I love this show because the main characters are little more than conmen. Harvey is super-genius lawyer. Mike is a genius who has faked his way into a job as a lawyer (without ever attending law school or taking the bar for himself). Together they make a great team. Suits is coming back June 14.

Covert Affairs is one of my guilty pleasures. The show is not credible and Annie Walker as a CIA agent is not believable even for a moment, but it’s fun to watch. Plus I like Augie. Covert Affairs will air July 10.

Leverage is coming back July 16. You gotta love the bad guys who are the good guys. Think A-Team without blowing things up (usually).

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The show I can’t wait for, however, is True Blood. It’s heading into its 5th season. Honestly, it’s a fluke I started watching. I’d heard a lot of buzz when it premiered. Then one night, I had laundry to fold and it was on, and I never looked back. I watched the entire season and then for Christmas, my husband bought me all of the Sookie Stackhouse books which are the inspiration. I like the books (at least the first 8 or so) but I love the show for entirely different reasons. It’s sexy and suspenseful and mysterious and just plain great stuff (unless blood makes you squeamish).

Here’s a little taste (no pun intended) of the vampires:

Here’s the trailer for season 5:

What summer show are you most looking forward to?



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  1. emmaburcart says:

    I am so excited for summer, too! You listed most of my favorites, except for Drop Dead Diva and Rookie Blue. I LOVE the Glades and am so happy it’s back on. Actually, I love all the shows you mentioned except for the closer, which I can’t stand and TrueBlood, which I haven’t seen. I can’t even handle watching commercials of the closer, but the rest of the shows make up for it when I can’t fast-forward through it. Thanks for getting me excited for June!!

    • Rookie Blue is one that I started watching, but can’t remember, so I don’t know why I stopped. Maybe it was up against something else and I had to make a choice. Maybe I’ll check it out again.

  2. OMG, I LOVE True Blood (and I also love the books). Eric has always been one of my favorite characaters (swooooon). LOL. Can’t wait until it comes back. Also looking forward to Haven (which is on the SyFy channel), and Destination Truth.

    • Eric is definitely my favorite, but part of me likes him better in the books. There are other things about the books that have left me feeling meh, but I keep reading. I’ve never heard of Haven or Destination Truth. I’ll have to check with my husband — he’s the SyFy person in the house.

  3. I LOVE every single show you mentioned! I have a serious TV problem. 🙂

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