Summer TV Hits and Misses

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Summer is officially over and Fall TV has started. I figured now would be a good time to take a look at my DVR and decide which shows were worth spending my time with this summer.


These 4 shows are ones that I can’t wait for. They caught me every week. These are shows that are unlikely to sit on my DVR waiting to be watched.

Longmire:  The setting is beautiful and the characters have some great drama. Longmire lost his wife a year ago and has been out of it most of the time. His deputy has decided to run against him in the upcoming election. That deputy was also sleeping with Longmire’s daughter. Talk about a sticky situation. I like the episodes where we get to see how Longmire interacts with the Indians on the reservation. It adds an unusual flavor to the story. The only thing that seemed a little implausible is the number of murders that have occurred in Wyoming. Not that I’m complaining, really, because I love cop shows and everything that goes along with them, but in one short season, Longmire faced a number of homicides.

 Dallas: I love this show. I watched growing up and this new version is every bit as twisted and soap-opera-y as the original. Plus, the actors are quite yummy to look at. The season will pick up in January and I can’t wait. The next generation of Ewings are as messed up as the original and so much fun to watch.

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The Newsroom:  I have to admit that I was a little slow to pick this up. I set the DVR to record and I watched the first episode. I liked it, especially the dialogue, but I wasn’t totally sure. The episodes continued to record, but I didn’t watch them weekly. Then, one night, when nothing else was on, I watched. And watched. And I was hooked. If you’re a fan of Aaron Sorkin, you’ll like this show. I know it’s not totally realistic in its portrayal of a newsroom, but I’m not watching TV for reality. The dialogue and banter alone are worth tuning in for, but besides that, the characters are real and f*cked up, and believable.

Common Law: This show is about 2 cops who are forced into couples counseling because one drew a gun on the other. All season, we watched these two grow as characters, but they never said what was behind the whole gun incident. Until the last episode. It was a very satisfying ending for the season because I would’ve been pissed if they left us hanging. But now I wonder how they’ll keep us engaged for a new season.


These are shows I watched, and continue to watch, but I don’t get excited about them. Multiple episodes will sit on my DVR until there’s nothing better on TV.

Sullivan & Son: I’m not big into comedies, but I thought this one might be interesting. A lawyer son returns home and takes over the family’s bar. Since my books are set in a family-run Irish pub, I wanted to check this out. With the exception of a few good one-liners, this show was meh. 

Perception: I’ve said lots of times how I love cop shows and the FBI. This one was a no brainer for me to tune into. Chicago FBI agent seeks help from her former professor on cases. The professor’s hallucinations help him solve cases. Although it’s set in Chicago, it doesn’t feel like it. There’s an occasional mention of streets or a neighborhood, but this isn’t a true Chicago show. Every case has something to do with the brain. It makes me wonder how many brain disorders there can be that would be part of a crime. I would think they’d run out of brain issues. Really, though, this show lost me when in the first episode, the FBI agent (who looks to be about 15) was chasing a suspect and jumped off a second story fire escape. Not only did she land on the suspect, but then she promptly got up and was fine. I can only suspend so much disbelief.

Major Crimes: I watch this show because it’s comfortable. I always watched The Closer and this show has all of the same characters (minus Brenda). Sometimes I even get to see Fritz, and he was my favorite part of The Closer. I’m not sure exactly what keeps me from being a total fan of the show. It’s not bad. It has the same kinds of crimes. I think maybe part of my problem is that the division is now more focused on making deals with criminals to get them into jail instead of getting a full confession (Brenda’s specialty). Maybe I’m just done with this show and the characters and it’s time to move on. I’m not sure. Like I said, it still records, but I don’t rush to watch.

What was your favorite new show this summer?

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