So Long Summer…and Fun with Words

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Summer is about over. I’m finished with school supply shopping and the kids are gearing up to go back next week. In addition to school looming, I’ve had to say good-bye to so many of my favorite summer TV shows. The Closer aired its final episode ever, although it’s being replaced by Major Crimes (I have it recorded, but haven’t watched yet). Rizzoli & Isles finished up Tuesday night as well, but I didn’t even see that coming. It seems like it just started back. It will return mid-season for a few episodes like it does every year, but still. A new show this year that just ended that I really like is Longmire. I haven’t gotten to the last episode yet, but I’m sorry to see it go. Dallas was another winner for me for the summer season. And in true Dallas form, it ended with a bang. I did NOT see that coming (and no, no one shot JR — although they should). I’ve also fallen for Newsroom, but I’m behind in watching those episodes. I feel a catch-up night coming, especially since there’s nothing new for the next few weeks.

As much as I hate to see summer go, part of me is glad for the return to school. My writing schedule is nonexistent during the summer. Honestly, if my friends hadn’t organized a retreat day, I wouldn’t have gotten to THE END of my WIP (only the first draft, but it’s done). Plus, by about mid-July, the kids start to get buggy. They’ve been around each other too much and the bickering and fighting gets crazy. But this week, with the oh-my-god-school-is-next-week feeling, we’ve been filling our days once again with fun stuff. we’ll hit the beach one last time, one trip to the Art Institute as promised to Trouble, and a trip to Lego Discovery center. Fun stuff all around.

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In fact, after our trip to Lego Discovery, we went to a late lunch. Eeyore looked at Trouble’s food and said, “Gimme a ficken chinger.”

She looked puzzled and then Shorty started to laugh at his play with the words. After explaining it to Trouble, they all got into the act of switching letters. It quickly devolved into potty jokes and swearing (hutt-bole and yuck fou). But it was hilarious and I laughed so hard, I had tears streaming down my face. It felt so good to just ride with it and have fun with my kids, even though there probably should’ve been a reprimand in there somewhere. I spend so much of my time being the drill sergeant and yelling at them, that for a few minutes, we all had a good laugh. It was definitely one of the best moments of my summer.

What’s one of your best memories from this summer? 



2 responses to “So Long Summer…and Fun with Words”

  1. Kate Meader says:

    Yeah, Dallas was a winner for me, too, though I had my suspicions about that Rebecca. Still a great way to end it. Another twisty-turny soap I’m looking forward to returning is Revenge. That was definitely my favorite show last year. My fave summer moment? Probably white water rafting in Costa Rica. Thrilling, scary, and um, wet. Words for a romance writer to live by 😉

    • I had my suspicions about Rebecca too, but I didn’t see that one. I’m looking forward to Revenge as well, but I’m afraid that the second season won’t be able to live up to the first.

      White water rafting — you totally beat out my summer adventures 🙂 I’m impressed!