Six Sentence Sunday – 9/9

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             “If I waste my time with you, I might miss the guy I’m supposed to meet. The one who can kiss me and make me forget where I am.” She stepped in ahead of him.

             Was she implying his kiss didn’t cut it? Not possible. Instead of being angry at the accusation, he viewed it more as a dare. “I bet I can make you forget where you are.”


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5 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday – 9/9”

  1. Kate Meader says:

    Not so sure it would be a complete waste of time…very cute six, Shannyn. When does this come out?

  2. Carrie Crain says:

    Hey, first time over here. I love your website tagline! This made me smile. Cute!

  3. Hehe. *Somebody’s* full of himself! Nice banter, thanks for sharing.

  4. Silver James says:

    I’m finally getting through my 6SS rounds from last week–just in time to start over in a few hours. LOL

    Congrats on the release date. I love your hero’s bravado. This was a fun six!