Six Sentence Sunday – 9/23

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From MORE THAN THIS — Ryan has just been confronted by his mother and told he needs to give his older brother another chance.

                       “Your father would want you to make it right. He’d expect no less.”

                        She left as quietly as she came. Good old Mom. She didn’t care if it was a low blow to pull out the guilt card. Irish Catholics were masters.


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4 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday – 9/23”

  1. Brenda Barry says:

    Very good I could feel the type of guilt she was playing on him. What a good scene. 🙂

  2. Silver James says:

    Ah yes. Mother’s guilt. Irish Catholic and Jewish mothers have it down to a science. Poor Ryan. She went and played the “This is what your father would want” card. He’s doomed! 😉 Interesting six, Shannyn!

  3. Nice six! I love that his mother knows all the right spots to poke his conscience.

  4. Kate Meader says:

    Ah, know the Irish Catholic guilt card well. Great six, Shannyn. See you at the meeting tomorrow!