Six Sentence Sunday – 9/16

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          The only person she’d ever baked with besides her mother was Indy. And Indy usually just ate the raw dough. She’d always enjoyed the solitary nature of it, but here was Ryan asking to be included in this personal process. Behind him, her list glared at her.

          Step out of your comfort zone.



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6 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday – 9/16”

  1. Silver James says:

    Oh, Shannyn! This is a very telling six. Way to reveal so much about her in so few words. Love your pacing. Well done six this week!

  2. It sounds so simple, but says so much. Lovely 6!

  3. Sorry, Shannyn, I messed up my url above. This should be correct.

  4. Emma Burcart says:

    That totally makes me want to read more, whatever that is from!