Six Sentence Sunday 7/22

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Many of you might have heard about six sentence Sunday from other writers on other blogs. I’ve seen it around and finally decided to jump in. It’s simple enough, you just post any 6 sentences from something you’re working on. If you’d like more info, go here. For me, this will give me a chance to share some more of my writing and make up for those days when I don’t blog (like last Tuesday). So here we go, my first 6 sentence Sunday, from my upcoming book MORE THAN THIS:

            Quinn stared at her sister. Finding five dates would never be difficult for Indy, but for her it was a challenge of huge proportions.

            “Look, you said you’re in a rut. This’ll pull you out. Consider me your tow truck.” Indy usually got her own way, and without her Quinn would’ve missed out on a lot of fun. 





2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 7/22”

  1. LOL — love the tow truck line. Very fun six. Congrats on jumping in to Six Sentence Sunday. It can get very addictive!

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