Six Sentence Sunday 1/6

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Another sample from A Good Time. Griffin has endured an uncomfortable family dinner with Quinn and Indy’s father. Quinn made chocolate cake that Indy literally moans over. She offers Griffin a forkful so he can taste how fabulous it is.

                         “You have to close your eyes to get the full effect.”

                         He started to lower his lids, but stopped. “The fork better make it into my mouth, not my face or my shirt.”

                         She grinned. “That’s childish. I’m being a grown up today. And as tempting as it might be, I wouldn’t waste this chocolate cake.”


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3 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 1/6”

  1. His lack of trust says a lot about the two characters. I agree with Quinn, you can’t waste chocolate cake like that 😉 Amusing 6.

  2. Silver James says:

    At least he gets a reward! And I can almost taste that chocolate. Now I’m hungry. 😉

  3. Kate Meader says:

    Love the chemistry in this snippet, Shannyn! Hope your release week has been a blast. I’ll be gobbling up MORE THAN THIS on my editing breaks today 🙂