Six Sentence Sunday 12/9

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From More Than This — After indulging in a few signature drinks at Ryan’s bar, Quinn’s a little drunk. She’s mad at Ryan because she didn’t know he owned the bar and he swept Indy off the stage after her karaoke performance.

                    He slid her glass of water closer, hoping she’d take the hint. “That made you mad?”

                   “Yeah, but I can’t remember why. You’re such a good kisser. Your mouth is the best I’ve had since . . . ever.”

                    Ryan looked at the unfocused glaze in her eyes and tried to ignore her words. 


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2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 12/9”

  1. Kate Meader says:

    I’m sure he’ll be the good guy despite the compliment! Nice six, Shannyn.

  2. Intriguing six, can’t wait to see what happens between them next.