Six Sentence Sunday 1/27

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From A Good Time, a few paragraphs later than what I posted last week, Griffin and Indy are still at the house for sale. He’s met her on the staircase and has closed the distance between them.

                            Griffin ran a finger down the pearl buttons of her blouse. “Not as bad as the clothes you wore yesterday during dinner, but not nearly as sexy as the barmaid outfit.”

                            Her breath caught and she halfway wanted him to flick the buttons open. She couldn’t tell him to stop. Her voice wouldn’t work. Because I want this.


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2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 1/27”

  1. Dee Carney says:

    Great job with the subtle tension!

  2. Kate Meader says:

    Sounds like he’s worth wanting, and I love that she’s honest with herself. Nice six, Shannyn!