Six Sentence Sunday 12/30

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From A Good Time (I hope my editor doesn’t decide on a different title – I’m getting used to this one). Griffin has agreed to meet with his father.

                            Griffin answered the door, and the shock at seeing his father registered in his brain, like looking into a funhouse mirror that instantly aged him.

                            Malcolm looked good. Thinner than Griffin remembered, and grayer, but the charming smile, so much like his own, was the same.

                            “Griffin.” He entered the room with his arms spread.

                            Here came the deplorable exaggeration of affection. 


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4 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 12/30”

  1. Love your description and how it shows their relationship. Great six!

  2. Kate Meader says:

    The funhouse mirror image is fantastic. Only a few days to your big day, Shannyn. Can’t wait to see it show up on my Kindle!

  3. Family relationships can be so tangled and confusing which you showed nicely. I like that title too.

  4. Mmm, sounds like a lot of unresolved issues here. Family relationships are so hard sometimes. Your six makes me want to know more about these two.