Six Sentence Sunday 12/16

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Since More Than This is out in a few weeks, I thought I’d use my next book for Six Sentence Sunday. Tentatively titled A Good Time, the book is Indy and Griffin’s story. For those following along, Indy is Quinn’s sister and Griffin is Ryan’s best friend. They both appear in More Than This.

Indy is a real estate agent and she’s trying to find a house for Griffin. Although she is doing her best to keep things professional between them, he fights her on it. In this scene, Griffin has just caught her stripping her pantyhose off in the street because she got hot.


                     One eyebrow rose above his sunglasses. “When something interests me, I go after it.”

                     “Even if it’s unattainable?”

                      “Nothing is unattainable.”

                      She straightened. “We’ll see.”

                     He slid his glasses to the top of his head. Dark brown eyes bore into her and no longer held amusement. “Be warned. I always get my way.”


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  1. Kate Meader says:

    Love those heroes who know what they want. Nice six, Shannyn!