Six Sentence Sunday 1/20

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From A Good Time, Indy is showing Griffin a house, one that she personally really likes, but once again, he’s uninterested. At least in the house.


                          “You sure you don’t want to check out the bedrooms?”

                          He raised his eyebrows and she realized it sounded like an invitation. She’d never had to worry about screening her words as much as she did with him. Maybe it was her subconscious telling her something.

                          “You know what I mean.”

                          “Do I?” he asked, taking a step up and closer to her.


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2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 1/20”

  1. Linda Morris says:

    Hmm, why does she have to screen her words with him more than with everyone else? Does he understand her in a way that she doesn’t understand herself, maybe? Very evocative!

  2. Dee Carney says:

    She’d better start back pedaling quickly! lol