Six Sentence Sunday 11/18

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From More Than This– Ryan brings up the possibility of Quinn using Vegas for her vacation, not knowing Quinn had gone before—to get married.

                Quinn gulped her margarita. She hated talking about Nick and her pathetic wedding and marriage. It seemed so romantic at the time. A whirlwind romance, a cross-country drive. They landed in Vegas and got married in a little white chapel.

                She hadn’t done anything spontaneous since.


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6 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 11/18”

  1. Good six. Sounds like being spontaneous doesn’t work for her, lol

  2. Kylie Scott says:

    Nice six. Poor woman. I bet she doesn’t want to talk about it!

  3. Kate Meader says:

    Well, no wonder she’s gun shy! I’ve pre-ordered for the K, Shannyn – can’t wait to read!

  4. Quinn sounds like my kind of gal. LOL I know I’m going to enjoy more of this. 🙂