Six Sentence Sunday -11/4

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From More Than This — Quinn is set for the second item on her list: a motorcycle ride, arranged by Ryan.

                            She didn’t know this man. What if he was some nut job taking her somewhere to kill her? What if he was a maniac who planned on scaring her spitless by weaving in between cars on the highway? She hadn’t given him any parameters. She didn’t even know how long this ride was supposed to last. She had essays to grade.


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5 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday -11/4”

  1. I like this a lot. She wants to go out for that ride but is thinking of her ordinary life. Really want to know how she feels afterwards!

  2. I love the last sentence–it’s not just the danger and uncertainty of the situation, she’s got her essays to think about!

  3. Amy Gregory says:

    Wow,,,she’s a brave soul! Great six!!