Six Sentence Sunday – 1/13

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From A Good Time, Griffin kisses Indy for the first time after leaving Quinn’s house.

                            She smiled up at him, golden eyes reflecting the streetlights. On impulse, he lowered his lips to hers. Her heady scent grabbed him and he pressed her against the car.

                            She tasted even better than he imagined. He expected light and breezy, but found her spicy and secretive. He braced his hands on the car behind her, trapping her with his body and preventing himself from grabbing her. His fingers wanted to tangle in her long hair.


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2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday – 1/13”

  1. Kate Meader says:

    Oh, I love how he’s trying to hold off from grabbing her, but he goes all caveman anyway! Very nice.

  2. Sexy six! I like the “spicy and secretive” description. 🙂