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I’m still slacking on my usual Thursday TV posts. Of course, I’m still watching lots of TV, but haven’t thought about what to write. So today, I’m going to write about what should’ve been Tuesday’s post. Last week was RWA’s (Romance Writers of America) national conference. I mentioned it last week and I followed #RWA12 on Twitter the whole time. Lots of interesting bits were sent out. One thing that I heard (read) was on promotions. It said that writers are on Twitter, but readers are on Facebook. That kind of sucks for me since I’m not on Facebook. Stephanie Laurens had a great keynote address that she posted on her web site. My favorite part is this:

We are the storytellers. Whether its offline or online, we are still the storytellers, the spinners of tales, the weavers of emotional magic, the essential creators. We tell stories – we create them, shape them, write them down – and none of that changes.

The other big news, huge really, was the awarding of the Ritas on Saturday night. The Rita is the romance equivalent of the Oscars. This year, some great stuff happened. Both the winner in the novella category and the winner in the single title contemporary romance category were digital-first books. The Earl, written by Caroline Linden is published by Avon Impulse. The Boomerang Bride by Fiona Lowe is a Carina book. As an author who is going to be published digitally, this is excellent news. For a long time, ebooks were largely ignored by such awards because in order to enter, a print book had to be submitted. That part of the rule hasn’t changed, but bigger publishers (like Avon and Harlequin) are printing copies of ebooks for this purpose.

Things are changing in publishing. They have been for a long time and I’m glad I didn’t shy away from something new just because I wanted to have a “real” book in my hands. While I don’t believe that traditional print publishing is dead, ebooks aren’t going anywhere. 

Did you attend RWA nationals? What was your favorite part?



2 responses to “RWA and awards”

  1. stephanie says:

    I wasn’t there but I followed it on twitter, too. At first I just followed sporadically. Then when I saw the announcement regarding the removal of the NWSRE category from the GH and RITA contests I was on twitter so much that my iphone battery died half way through the day! This was a huge issue for me as someone who writes Women’s Fiction. In fact, this issue lit up the Women’s Fiction loop that I belong to – and still is.

    I also followed the RITAs on Saturday by twitter, too. That was interesting. Tiring, but interesting. I stayed up long enough to see Barbara Samuel and [my chapter mate] Jo Bourne win and then I had to go to sleep. The time zones were not friendly to my East Coast body:)

  2. The tweets were crazy addictive. I was a little surprised that they decided to dump NWSRE too. But they are willing to recognize self-pubbed authors now, which is another huge step.

    Thanks for stopping by