RT Wrap-up #1 and Why I Suck

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So I was at RT (RT Booklovers Convention) last week and it was fabulous! Being an extreme introvert who doesn’t particularly like being around people, I never would’ve thought I’d have so much fun. Believe it or not, most of my week was spent socializing, so while I went to a few panels (which I’ll talk about in another post), I really spent time talking to people — readers, bloggers, and other authors. Here’s a quick roundup of some of my favorite things:


My swag table at RT

My swag table at RT

Weirdest thing — I had a swag table where I set out freebies for people. I had beer bands (like a bracelet for you beer to mark which is yours), 4-way measuring spoons, excerpt booklets from eKensington, and sticky notes. In order to keep my table neat, I had separate baskets to hold the items. As you can guess, stuff went pretty fast and I had to stop by the table a couple of times a day to replenish. The weird part was that at one point, I went to check on the table and someone had taken one of my empty baskets. I’m not upset. They were all cheap dollar store baskets, but really. Did someone think I was giving away baskets?

Really cool thing — I got to meet lots of book bloggers that I only knew online. The best was that I finally got to meet Kindle Gal, whose blog is Kindles and Wine. If you don’t know her, check it out. She and her staff review many books and they do awesome giveaways. Right now she’s doing a MASSIVE giveaway of books she got at RT.

Lots of fun things — I had a chance to meet many of the Kensington authors (both digital first and print), which was fun. I spent one night in the bar talking with Melissa Cutler who writes for Kensington and Harlequin. We share an editor at Kensington and while we both planned to have a drink and chat and then go back to our rooms to write (we still have deadlines!!), we ended up hanging out in the bar for hours. But it was fun. I also got to have dinner with some of my Chicago pals that did Girls Night Out with me in February: Julie James, Julie Ann Walker, Beth Kery, and Kate Meader. It’s pretty cool that I get to hang out with such talented and busy savvy women.

Most nerve wracking thing — On Thursday morning, I had some time to kill before heading to a panel on Contemporary romance, so I sat in the lobby playing on Twitter on my phone. Then, Jaci Burton sits down on the couch adjacent to me. Moments later, she is joined by Vivian Arend, Lauren Dane, and Shannon Stacey. At this point, I’m having a bit of a fangirl moment, but I’m cool and I keep it to myself. Then (as if this wasn’t enough), Jill Shalvis, Shiloh Walker, and Helen Kay Dimon join. Well, as you can imagine, an L-shaped couch and a couple of chairs really don’t hold all that many people, so I gather my things to leave. This is obviously a group of friends that wants to hang out together, so I’m going to give them space. I stand up and Shannon Stacey introduces herself, which made me kind of laugh because of course I know who she is (and we do share a first name). They were all gracious and told me I didn’t have to leave, but I wanted them to sit together. Then Helen Kay looks at me and orders me to sit down. I was a bit startled, but I listened. She is pretty bossy (per Shannon Stacey). I sat and once we got rid of some of the pillows all over the couch, everyone got a seat. And Lauren Dane gave me one of her cool water bottles. I still didn’t talk, but it was enough to be sitting with that group, hoping their brilliance would be contagious. 🙂

Most AWESOME thing  and why I suck — Thursday was a really packed day for me. In addition to Kensington holding a book spree where they gave away books and we all got to sign, there was also RT’s book Expo signing for ebook, small press, and self-published authors. Since I’m a debut author, I didn’t expect much for the Expo signing. I had some people who I knew stop by, which was fun. Then one woman came up to me and handed me her Kindle. She said she read my book and really liked it and wanted me to sign her Kindle. I was so taken aback, I was flustered. I signed her Kindle and then she left. This is why I suck. I didn’t get her name or a picture or anything. I was just so surprised that someone wanted me to sign her Kindle that I was speechless. So, if it was you, please know that you are totally AWESOME and I suck.

I’ll do another post about some of the panels and interesting conversations I had last week. 

Given the chance, who would you most like to meet at a conference?



4 responses to “RT Wrap-up #1 and Why I Suck”

  1. So glad I got to see you! Sad I was in a haze because I was starved and had to run to get dinner! Awesome on the Kindle signing. WOOT! Go, you.

  2. I am not surprised that HelenKay insisted you stay. That group of friends are friendly to all. That’s the beauty of RT … you never know who will sit next to you!

    Thanks for the recap … I was unable to attend this year. I hope to see you next year in NOLA!

  3. Kate Meader says:

    Great recap, Shannyn. Here’s hoping I’m lucky enough to have HelenKay Dimon shout at me come RWA.

  4. Kindle Gal says:

    I’m so flattered meeting me was your “really cool thing” at RT!

    Thanks for the shout-out and for being so lovely. It was nice to finally meet you, too. 🙂