Non-Traditional Holiday Stuff

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Sorry for the late post. Another migraine hit and made things move slower than usual around here.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve written about the few Christmas traditions we have as a family. While on Twitter, I noticed some people mentioning their non-traditional holiday meal — cheeseburgers and tater tots. While I do a turkey dinner, it did get me thinking about what we do that is different. I put up a tree every year and the ornaments are mostly homemade ones from my kids’ years in school. There’s no uniformity of color or style (kind of like my wardrobe), but it suits us.

Here’s our tree:

Yes, that is a Santa Yoda on top. My husband loves Yoda. Every year, I get him something Yoda for under the tree. A couple of years ago, I found this tree topper at Target, so I had to get it, not for the tree, just to add to my husband’s Yoda collection. My brother had the same idea, so we ended up with 2 at our house. (Yes, I could’ve returned one, but I hate those after-Christmas return lines). This year, my kids wanted to use the extra one for the tree instead of an angel, so I let them. I added the Santa hat at their request.

For all of the baking I do, especially around the holidays, gingerbread is one I won’t do from scratch. I buy gingerbread house kits. I build and the kids each decorate a house. Even the gingerbread men came from a mix. A really tasty mix, so I can’t complain. We did make some traditional gingerbread men, but the others we made are Buzz Lightyear, rocket ships, and Little Green Men.

Last, but not least, I refuse to make a New Year’s resolution. I can’t remember if I ever have, but for me, it’s like setting myself up for failure (which is something I despise more than the after-Christmas return lines). I figure if it’s something I really want to work toward, I would’ve set the goal a long time ago, without the aid of a holiday to get me to do it. Why should I all of a sudden be motivated simply because I made a New Year’s resolution? The whole concept doesn’t make much sense to me.

This is not to knock it if it works for you. By all means if you use this day to set a goal and work toward it, good for you. I guess the idea of a new year means a fresh start, and maybe I never feel that way about the new year. My days are so steeped in routine that one day easily bleeds into another and I don’t have that feeling of newness.

If I want to achieve something, I set it as a goal and do what I can in smaller steps to reach it. The day of the year doesn’t matter.

What non-traditional things do you do around the holidays? Do you make a New Year’s resolution? How well does it work for you?



5 responses to “Non-Traditional Holiday Stuff”

  1. Emma Burcart says:

    This year I was non-traditional in that I didn’t get a tree. I just never got around to it. And my mantle was decorated so beautifully that I didn’t miss the tree. As for resolutions, this year I’m actually taking it seriously and making a good one. Last year, it was to drink more alcohol. I think I actually failed to meet it. Oh, well.

    • I don’t know — I think drinking more alcohol is a good resolution. That might be one I could stand behind. I know a lot of people who drink a glass or two of wine almost daily and I wish I did that. Maybe I need to find the right wine to make it happen. 🙂

  2. Lynette says:

    I love the Yoda tree topper! I have a tree with character ornaments such as Marvin the Martian (big surprise), a Klingon Bird Prey starship, the Grinch, and Bugs Bunny as Carmen Miranda just to name a few.

    Don’t think I’ll be making resolutions this year. I’ve got plenty of goals that will keep me busy!
    Happy New Year!