My First Book Review

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As a writer, there’s little that can produce angst like a book review. There’s always that fear that you’re a fluke and people will figure out you have no idea what you’re doing and call you on it. I think this holds true even more when it’s your first published book. More Than This is due to release in about 3 weeks and I knew I would get reviews (if nothing else, bloggers on my book tour said they would do a review). But then, on Twitter, a book blogger that I had never run into (that I recall anyway) sent me a message saying that she just finished my book and a review would be coming soon.

Talk about heart palpitations. 

Then C over at allodoxophobia sent me the link. And it’s a really good review.

So, I promise I won’t link to every review every written, but since this was the first and made me relax at least a little bit because she said nice things about my book, I want to share it.

Thanks, C

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  1. C says:

    You are so welcome! I’m glad to have been able to give you your first review. Thanks for writing – you definitely have a gift and I’ll be first in line to read more 🙂