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Mid-November is a busy month around here. The Marine Corps birthday (and remember, I married a Marine), ┬áVeterans Day (yep, he’s one of those too) and my wedding anniversary. (That third one was planned because I knew he would never forget our anniversary if it followed the other 2.)

Now, I just realized that today is my one-year anniversary of blogging. I can’t believe it’s been a year. I wasn’t sure I’d make it this long. When I started last year I was in Kristen Lamb’s class, learning about how to blog and participate on social media effectively. I am part of the WANA1011 group. The best part about taking that class was that I had instant friends to cheer me on and talk to on Twitter.

I don’t know if what I’m doing is effective because I get quite a few page views, but not a lot of comments. Then again, I’ve been so busy writing and revising that I’ve been really bad at posting links on Twitter. Some people say it’s a waste of a writer’s time to blog and part of me agrees because there are only so many hours in the day and so many things a person’s willing to read. If people get some enjoyment out of my blog, even if they don’t comment, then I think I’ve accomplished all I can.

As a writer, I focus on putting words on paper, but it’s also my job to sell my books. Do I think that reading my blog will get you to buy my books?┬áNot necessarily, but I think that by showing up here a few times a week, people will get the chance to know me a little. By getting to know me, they’ll get a feel for whether or not my writing appeals to them. If it does, then they might buy my book. And if not, I’m okay with that. Keep showing up and take what you can.

What about you? Why do you visit blogs?


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