Knowing the Inspiration

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Today’s post will be short since I’m a bit swamped with still trying to revise a book and plan my son’s birthday party. I’m way behind on my TV watching, but plan to catch up this weekend. A ton of stuff has happened since last week, from the death of Whitney Houston to the Grammys and the little bit of TV I have caught has been pretty darn good. Did you catch Revenge last night? I didn’t see that coming.

In a brief moment of TV talk show time this morning, though, I was watching the hosts talk about Adele, who is a fabulous singer and who won a crapton of Grammys last weekend. Everyone wants to know who she wrote “Rolling in the Deep” about. This morning I heard she wrote about her ex-boyfriend, some guy named Slinky, who is a musician in England.

I giggled a little at his name, but other than that, I don’t much care. I’m not a tabloid reader and I don’t thrive on celebrity gossip. I never thought about her inspiration for the song, I just love her voice.

The hosts of the show then pointed out that any man who is dating a singer at this point must be forewarned not to do anything stupid, or he’ll end up in a song. It’s not just Adele doing it; Taylor Swift and Katy Perry both have as well.

Again, I don’t get into the personal lives of celebrities, but as a writer, I use what I see and know in my writing all the time. I’ve never based a character on someone I know, but I will use specific traits. However, I have heard of other authors creating characters of people they don’t like just so they can kill them off.

I don’t know that knowing the inspiration behind a song or story changes my enjoyment of it.

How about you? Do you like to know the inspiration or backstory for a song or book? As a writer have you ever included someone in your writing so you could exact revenge?

And for any of you who have somehow missed out, here’s Adele singing “Rolling in the Deep” (Sorry about the commercial):




4 responses to “Knowing the Inspiration”

  1. Liv Rancourt says:

    Boy howdy, that’s an idea. There must be an ex-boyfriend out there who needs to end up in a story. Not that I’d hold a grudge all these years or anything…

  2. Hi Shannyn!

    Don’t fall off you chair! I have been widening my circle of blogs and trying to get to everyone who was in our WANA1011 class. It was so big and I’m just getting to you now. I’m so sorry.

    Okay, I love Adele. She is my ringtone on my phone. Yep, Rollin in the Deep. I’ll probably be sick of that song soon, although my phone doesn’t ring all that much. LOL!

    I’m so glad I took this chance to stop by and visit your post. I hope to see you soon! Take care! 🙂