It’s Release Day!

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So it seems like I can only handle so many things at a time. Because of this, I haven’t written anything over here on my blog. I have, however, been on Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve gotten pretty good at sending out my newsletter very month. I’m going to try to get better at writing blogs, but there are only so many hours in a day, so something’s gotta give.

Anyway, I’m jumping in now because IT’S RELEASE DAY!!


Hot & Nerdy 2 releases today. This is the anthology of the second Hot & Nerdy novellas (His Work of Art, His New Jam, and His Dream Role). It also has a bonus epilogue where we get to revisit all the characters after graduation — at it’s at Chicago Comic Con. 

I’m also doing a book blitz with Xpresso book tours. I’ll be posting mostly on social media for you to follow along. There are excerpts. And prizes. so follow me on Twitter or Facebook to get the links 🙂

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