I’m in Print! and on Netgalley

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I haven’t been around much on this blog because as usual, everything in life happens at once. I have some extra day job stuff, a revision letter for my next O’Leary book (Colin), and I really, really need to start Moira’s book. Very busy, but all good stuff. 

More Than This is available POD (print on demand). This means you still can’t walk into a book store to buy it, but you can order a print copy for about $15. It’s expensive and trade paperback size, but I was really excited to get my copy in the mail today.

Also, A GOOD TIME is up on Netgalley for reviewers to grab. I can’t believe it’s coming out in just over a month. 

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  1. Nancy says:

    Can’t wait for this book – loving the 8 sentence Sunday teasers. Enjoyed the first book soooo much! Just requested this from NetGalley. Fingers are double crossed!!!!