I’m a horrible blogger

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Yeah, the title says it all. I just realized that I haven’t posted anything to my web site in almost 3 months. That’s really bad, even for me. I’ve been swamped with deadlines and finding a new job, which I did (YAY!), but that means trying to find a whole new schedule for my life. 

But I’ve been writing a lot and the beginning of the For Your Love series (the O’Malleys) is in the hands of my editor. 

I have a few posts that I’ve been meaning to write and I hope to get to them soon. In the meantime, I do have a new release, His Work of Art (Hot & Nerdy #4). It came out yesterday and I’ll be doing some posts to let you know where I’m blogging so you can participate in the giveaways. 

So I HAVE been writing blog posts, just none for my own blog. 



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