I Wish I’d Known

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On Thursdays, I usually talk about TV and sometimes relate it to writing because, really, you can learn so much about writing from TV, both the good and the bad. I watch a lot of TV and the invention of the DVR has only aided this addiction. Shows that I wouldn’t have given a shot because of time slot now get my attention as possibilities. I still come across shows that aren’t quite my taste (House of Lies), but I’m glad I’m giving more shows a chance because you never know if you’ll miss out on something great (like Lost Girl).

There are quite a few shows that I didn’t watch from the beginning that I now wish I had. While it’s true that I still might not continue to tune in, it would’ve been nice to know for sure.

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One show that I tried this season in Being Human. A werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost live together in a house, trying to feel human. It sounds great. This show is in its second season and I hadn’t heard about it before. (Thank you Tiffany White for pointing out too many things for me to watch.) I watched the first couple of episodes of this season, and while I had no problems following along with the storylines, I didn’t fall in love with it. I think part of that failure isn’t the show itself, but because I hadn’t watched season 1. I think for most shows, that first season is critical for falling in love with the characters.

One show that I’ve heard nothing but great things about that I haven’t watched is Downton Abbey. The second season just aired and I know I can watch season 1 on Netflix, but because I didn’t do that before season 2 started, I feel like I’ll always be playing catch up. I’m not sure if I want to start it and continuously be behind everyone else.

It’s the time of year where networks start up some new shows as mid-season replacements. All of our favorites take breaks and new shows fill in. It’s a nice test market. Some of the new ones I’m going to try are Awake, Missing, and GCB.

Awake is about a man who is in a car accident. His mind creates two realities. In one, his wife survives, in the other, his son survives. He doesn’t know which one is real and he doesn’t care. He goes to bed with his wife alive and wakes up with his son alive. He doesn’t want to lose either, so it should be interesting to watch it unravel.

Missing stars Ashley Judd, who although she’s getting old, still looks great and takes on some awesome roles. In the show, she is a retired CIA agent who travels to Europe to track down her missing son. I love a kickass heroine and the fact that she’s a mom is even better.

GCB looks like brain candy. Nothing serious, fun fluff for relaxation. It’s about a former “Queen Bee” who returns to her hometown of Dallas after her divorce. She moves her two kids in with her mom and has to face everyone she tormented in high school.

Which shows are planning on tuning in for? Are there any you wished you’d watched and feel like you missed out on?

PS – If you want more information on any of these shows, I’m pretty sure Tiffany White has covered them in much greater depth. Check out her blog.



4 responses to “I Wish I’d Known”

  1. Liv Rancourt says:

    Are you watching the BBC version of Being Human? I think that one of the US networks did a version. I think. I’m not much for TV…
    And Ashley Judd “getting old”? Ouch! I’d take her version of old over mine any day of the week.

    • I tried the U.S. version of Being Human. I still have episodes on the DVR, so I might catch up. I’m just not in a hurry.

      As far as Ashley Judd, she’s not ready for retirement, but she’s mid-forties. As someone who’s right behind her, I feel like I’m getting old. What I meant by saying that though is that more often than not, the kickass heroines are usually young and perky. She’s real and I like that about her.

  2. Awake sounds so interesting to me – I already set up the Season Pass (I’m in love with TiVo, btw) for it without even seeing one episode. Hopefully it does not disappoint.

    I also have to give Downton Abbey a try – wow, that show is all the rage! One of these days I will get to it. And Missing. And Being Human. And Lost Girl…{sigh} 🙂

    • I hear you on the number of shows. The upside to recording them though, is breezing through commercials. You save a ton of time that way, which means more time for more shows 🙂