Guilty Pleasures

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I watch a lot of TV and while my husband would argue that the vast majority of what I watch is guilty pleasure, I disagree. For me, guilty pleasure is something that doesn’t have a lot of substance, but is fun anyway. It might be a little cheesy, or over-the-top dramatic, and it’s definitely on the fluffy side. These are shows that while I record them (because I record everything – no commercials) I don’t necessarily rush off to watch them right after they air like I do other shows (Justified).

I new guilty pleasure for me is a brand new show that aired last night. I saw the commercials and thought it might be funny, so I recorded it. I’m so glad I did because I liked everything about Bent.

In case you didn’t watch, the show is about a recently divorced mother who buys a house that needs work. Lawyer Alex (Amanda Peet) lives in the house with her daughter, Charlie (Joey King, who played in Ramona & Beezus). They’re both trying to deal with issues caused by Alex’s ex-husband, who is in prison. The show opens with her getting estimates for the work she needs to get done on the house.

Enter Pete (David Walton), the contractor who is a recovering gambling addict. He’s laid back and charming, but he’s a good guy looking for a second chance. Alex hires him and her uptight Type-A personality immediately clashes with surfer dude Pete’s.

There’s a lot to like about this romantic comedy. Some of the jokes and plot devices are cliché, but I don’t care. For me this show was forty-five minutes of guilty pleasure last night. (They aired 2 episodes.)

Part of it is that I’m a sucker for a man in a toolbelt. I think it kind of falls under the uniform category that I talked about the other day. Toolbelts are sexy. They define a man who can get things done. Of course, it also helps that David Walton is very nice to look at.

The entire cast of characters are fun and pretty well developed. Both Alex and Pete have their own baggage to deal with as they butt heads and grow to like each other. The sparks are there between these two, but I think this is one of those shows that will probably be ruined the minute they get together. The flirting and banter will go by the wayside because although a lot of positives can come from hooking up with your opposite, I can’t imagine these two would make it forever.

Pete is too immature for Alex. He’s a good guy deep down, which is what makes him such a great bad boy character. He’s good with Charlie and connects with her in ways Alex’s boyfriend doesn’t. Personally, I would totally fall for this guy (you know, assuming he was real and I wasn’t married). But objectively, I can admit that it would never work. He’s too laid back and immature. It would drive me crazy and the dimples only take you so far. The same would hold true for Alex.

But I will continue to tune in because watching Alex and Pete interact will make me smile and give me a few minutes of total guilty pleasure each week.

What’s your guilty pleasure? (On TV that is)



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  1. I recorded Bent but I haven’t watched it yet. I love Amanda Peet…I hope this becomes one of my guilty pleasures too. 🙂

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