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Kansas City, here I come. Yes, I’m headed to Kansas City for RT (Romantic Times Booklovers Convention). This will be a first for me. Last year, since RT was practically in my backyard, I bought a couple of day passes to check it out and had a great time. This year, I’m going from Tuesday through Saturday. Not only will it be my first full RT, but it will also be the first time that I’ll be away from my kids for that long. The longest I’ve been away from my kids was 2 days at a time. It hit me today that saying goodbye is going to be rough.

I’m equally excited and nervous about going. Part of the nerves come from leaving my kids and my husband (who’s never been in charge of them for more than a few hours at a time), but most of my nervousness comes from being shy and socially awkward. I’m genuinely excited to meet people that I only know online by their Twitter avatar and this will be my first official signing as an author.

I’ve been over the RT schedule a bunch of times and I have workshops picked out to visit as a writer, but I also have a few chosen as a reader because some of my favorite authors are talking too. (I’m not above a fangirl moment myself)

If you’re at RT and see me, say hi!

I’ll be at Club RT on Thursday from 9-9:30 am and on Friday from 3:45-4:15 pm (I have homemade Comfort Cookies if you want to try one). I’ll also be participating in Kensington’s Afternoon Book Spree on Thursday from 12:20-1:20 and the Ebook expo on Thursday from 4-6 pm. Plus, I will have fun swag set out to take — beer bands for your drink, 4-way measuring spoons for when you want to make Comfort Cookies, and sticky notes (because you can never have enough)

If you’re not able to go to RT this year, I’m also participating at The Romance Studio’s Staying Home Party, where I’ll be giving 2 lucky commenters a swag pack from RT! Check it out from 5/1-5/5

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