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I have to admit that my first thought for doing a geek girl post was to do one on Sloan Sabbith. She’s a secondary character on The Newsroom. She is a fabulous character who should definitely get more airtime. Sloan is the senior financial reporter, but often is seen only as a pretty face. She has to fight almost weekly to be heard. She knows what she’s talking about and she can explain herself and her stance to almost anyone. 

With so many things to like about Sloan, you might think that she’s too perfect and want to hate her, but the writers make her human. She’s not perfect. She doesn’t have  many friends, especially female friends. She tends to be blunt, almost tackless, but this is one of the reasons I really like her. (Maybe I see my own lack of social skills in her?  😆 )


She does have a social life. She dates. And as we saw in this last season, sometimes she makes mistakes. She sent some naked photos to the guy she was dating. When they broke up, he splashed them all over the Internet. She had to deal with the fallout from that. Even geniuses make mistakes.

Sloan knows she socially inept. She comments on it to let us know. But she’s not shy and intimidated. She accepts who she is. She works at getting better, but she doesn’t let it hold her back.


She has a thing for one of her co-workers, Don, who’s involved with another co-worker. At the end of season 1, she’s talking to Don, saying what she thinks will be her parting words because she thinks she’s not coming back: (quotes taken from IMDB)

Sloan Sabbith: I don’t know who told you you’re a bad guy, but somebody did. Somebody along the way. Somebody or something convinced you of it, because you think you’re a bad guy… and you’re just not. I’m socially inept, but even I know that. So because you’re a bad guy you try to do things you think a good guy would do. Like committing to somebody you like, but maybe don’t love. A sweet, smart, wholesome midwestern girl. 
Don Keefer: [Stares at her, amazed
Sloan Sabbith: I could be wrong. I almost always am. 
Don Keefer: Why are you single? 
Sloan Sabbith: A lot of men are intimidated by my intelligence. 
Don Keefer: No, seriously. 
Sloan Sabbith: Because you never asked me out. 

Season 2 ends even better when she finally realizes that Don feels the same. But I won’t spoil it here. You’ll just have to watch for yourself.

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