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Okay, so I’ve been MIA for a while … checks blog…has it really been almost a whole month? Bad writer. But I’ve been so busy. I’ve finished copy edits for Catch Your Breath, the next O’Leary book (Moira’s). Even after reading it a gazillion times, I love this book. I’ve also managed to finish the third novella for a trilogy I have coming out later this year. Busy, busy. But now back to things.

My Geek Girl posts are so much fun because after I wrote the first couple, I realized that I have more. These characters are so much a part of my regular TV viewing that I didn’t think about them when I came up with the idea for the posts. Today, it’s all about Penelope Garcia.

I’ve watched Criminal Minds from the beginning. It is probably the only show at the 8 o’clock time slot that I never missed. I love me a good serial killer. Penelope Garcia is the tech guru/information specialist of the BAU (behavior analysis unit) of the FBI. I’ve loved her from the very beginning.

The best thing about Garcia is that she knows she’s fabulous and she totally owns her weirdness. Check out the pictures:










On a show that is full of death and horrible things that human beings do to each other, Penelope is a colorful bright spot. She’s funny and witty and while she takes her job seriously, she is full of banter. 

Here are some quotes:

Garcia often answers the phone inappropriately, assuming Morgan (total hottie) is on the line. She’ll say, “Talk to dirty to me.”

She’s also answered like this: “He who seeks the ‘Queen of All Knowledge,’ speak and be recognized.”

OR “Penelope Garcia’s house of ‘How May I save Your Ass Today?’.”

And sometimes, she just puts her fabulousness on display:

from episode 14, season 3–

Garcia threatens her boyfriend (who is a co-worker) when he says he will talk to her boss:

If you get within a hundred feet of Agent Rossi, I will unleash an unrecoverable virus onto your personal computer system that will reduce your electronic world into something between a Commodore 64, and a block of government cheese.

When she has a conversation with JJ about an online relationship she has with a gamer:

JJ: [about the incredible Sir Kneighf] Please don’t tell me you have a crush on a fictional character. 
Garcia: He’s not fictional. He’s the online alter-ego of a real person. 
JJ: Hmmm, you don’t even know anything about him, even if it is…him. 
Garcia: Look, we meet online at specified times that he is never late to. We spend hours adventuring and chatting during which time I have his undivided attention and he lavishes me with flattery. When was the last time you had a date go that well? 
JJ: See if he’s got a fictional brother.

But Garcia and Morgan with their innuendos and banter are by far the best:

Garcia: Are you lonely in the Lone Star state? And are you wearing chaps? 
Morgan: Only in your dreams, Garcia 
Garcia: Oh, not necessarily. I have photoshop.

And Garcia isn’t just a crazy computer geek. She’s a hacker and a damn good one. Early in the series, we’re told that the FBI recruited her because of her hacking. This season, episode 12, we finally get Garcia’s backstory. We get to see her as she was in 2004 when the FBI brought her in and gave her the choice to either work for them or go to jail. Smart girl chose the work. This is one of my all-time favorite episodes. 

You know me, I’m all about character, and Penelope Garcia is full of depth and history.  

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