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I haven’t done one of these posts in a long time (since February, really?) but you know, I’ve been busy writing and promoting books and stuff. I saved this one because this character was probably one of the first geek girls that I loved to watch(after Penelope Garcia) and I used her as inspiration for my heroine in Her Winning Formula. Temperance Brennan is the lead character from the TV show Bones. I admit that I’ve never read the books. I was even late to start watching the show. It comes on at 7 p.m – I had kids to get to sleep. But I ended up getting the first few seasons on DVD and then watched the rest on Netflix. 

Bones is one of the best geek girl characters out there. She’s brilliant, top in her field, and she knows it. What’s more, she’s not afraid to let everyone know it. It might come off a little conceited, but it’s not bragging if you can back it up, and Bones can ALWAYS back it up. I love to see a strong, competent woman in a field dominated by men (not to mention there are OTHER smart competent women on the show). Buzzfeed has a whole collection of gifs to show Bones being disapproving.

However, Bones is far from perfect. She’s a loner and doesn’t know how to make friends. She doesn’t understand emotions, other than the chemical reactions they cause in a person and she is horrible at reading social cues. This holds true in the earlier seasons. As time has moved on, Bones has gotten better and navigating these aspects of her life.

Although she hates it, she’ll admit when she’s confused:



And she and Booth (who ultimately fall in love) fight and disagree because he’s all about following his gut and she’s all about scientific proof:

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from WiffleGif


Part of what I like most about Bones is the growth of the character. While I miss her total ineptitude, I appreciate that she’s grown and changed over the years. 

I used Bones as basic inspiration for Felicity in Her Winning Formula. Felicity is no good in social situations. She doesn’t know how to make small talk and can’t read cues that other people throw out. So, like Bones, she learns from those around her.

But the best reason to love Bones… She knows the importance of being Wonder Woman:


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