Gangnam What?

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Okay, unless you’ve been living in a box, you must’ve seen or heard about Gangnam Style. I originally heard about it on Twitter, clicked the clink, watched for a few seconds and clicked it off. I didn’t see the appeal. Then it went viral. Everybody started talking about Gangnam style. 

Even the Ohio State marching band did it during halftime (I admit, this is pretty cool)


But I still don’t get the appeal. I guess the dance moves are catchy, but much like the Macarena, many years ago, I don’t think I’ll participate. I mean, the song’s not even in English. 

As with most things that are a huge Internet hit, this too, has become fodder for parodies. I find the parodies much more entertaining. NSFW:




Do you enjoy Gangnam style? Why does it appeal to you?



2 responses to “Gangnam What?”

  1. Oh my gawd! The hubster is hooked on the Gangnam style. He has his Facebook account all decked out with the pics from the video. When he showed it to me, I didn’t find it funny. However, when he and I watched the Klingon Gangnam style embedded in your post I laughed through the whole thing. I guess it took a little Sci-Fi for me to feel the love.

  2. Skye says:

    I guess it’s the sheer campiness and the sense of fun that does it for me. That and he’s always dressed to the nines when he dances. I saw a clip of him on Ellen Degeneres’ show (brief) and he says it’s all about cheesy dancing and dressing fine. Works for me!