Friday Favorites – Writing Advice and Hot Men

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I’ve decided that since Friday is a day for fun (it’s my day off – I work Sun through Thurs), I will post my favorite things. Today, I’d like to do a mash-up of some of the best blogs I’ve read this week. I read a lot of blogs, some for work, most for fun. I’ve found a lot of interesting people and ideas from reading blogs. Information is good, but if it’s delivered with a laugh, it’s better.

Asrai Devin wrote about writing rules and when to let them go. As much of a stickler for rules as I am with my kids and my everyday life, I don’t worry about rules when I write. I tend to just go with what works and what feels right, especially for a first draft. That being said, I usually have MAJOR revisions afterwards.

My next link comes from Mary Stella at The Bettyverse. If you’re unfamiliar with the Betties, you are missing out. They are a fabulous group of free-thinking, supportive women, all brought together by the wonderful Lani Diane Rich (AKA Lucy March). In this post, Mary talks about Writing what you know and how that can develop into an interesting storyline.

Tawna Fenske is a fellow Betty and romance author (check out her book Making Waves fun read). I read her blog daily because not only am I guaranteed a dirty joke and a smile, but she also makes some great analogies. This one is about how critique partners are like steel wool.

Since I’ve talked about romance heroes a couple of times this week, here’s Kara Flathouse’s take on Kissing Toads.

For an extra smile, Emma Burcart talks about Hot Dads. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind getting older as long as the actors are still this hot.

Finally, no fun romance blog would be complete without some shirtless men. Jillian Dodd offers us some eye candy.

Have a great weekend and try not to drool on the keyboard. 😛



4 responses to “Friday Favorites – Writing Advice and Hot Men”

  1. asraidevin says:

    Thank you for including me in this great mash-up. Love Lani and the eyecandy :). (Big fan of Jenny Crusie as well who is good friends with Lani).

  2. Emma Burcart says:

    Fun list! Thanks for including me. Somehow I have been missing all of your posts. I better make sure I’m following you on twitter and I’ll sign up to get your blog to my inbox. I like what you are doing here.