Friday Favorites – the Quick Edition

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I’m writing this Thursday night with a bit of a migraine hangover (at least I hope it’s totally gone) because I’m going to be busy all day tomorrow at my chapter’s conference Chicago Spring Fling. It’s going to be amazing, assuming I can keep the migraine at bay.

Speaking of migraines, Marianne Hansen has a post about migraines and superstitions. I totally get what she’s saying and I think most migraine sufferers do the same. If we think a migraine is coming, we try to do whatever we can that might stop it. Unfortunately, I’ve found that most of it doesn’t work.

Emma Burcart has a great post about trying things even if you’re not good at them. I have a particular fondness for this post because she talks about singing karaoke even if she’s not a great singer. I like this because although I would never sing in front of an audience (I use my singing to torment my kids), I do make the heroine of my novel sing karaoke as one of her summer adventures.

Marcy Kennedy writes about the fear we all have as writers – What if we don’t succeed? I think for all of us, regardless of where we are on the path to publishing, we have this worry. The what ifs can kill all motivation, so I do my best to ignore them all.

Kat Latham offers suggestions for culling repetitious words from your writing. I like Wordle. It’s fun, but I’ve never used it for my books. I think I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.

Elena Aitken offers her insight into what she’s learned about indie publishing. Although I have an agent and publisher now, I have to admit that self-publishing crossed my mind. For me, it was a matter of not wanting to be in control of everything (weird for someone who’s usually a control freak).

Jennifer Jensen shares her story about landing an agent in an unusual way. The agent contacted her because of her blog. Congrats Jen!

Jillian Dodd offers up eye candy every Monday with her Man Day posts. Right now she has a challenge going with author CJ West. If he can get 5,000 comments on his blog, he’ll pose for Jillian’s Man Day post. Read Jillian’s challenge and then hop over to CJ’s blog to leave a message.

Finally, for anyone still looking for some inspiration… Pink Chocolate Break has a list of 10 self-improvement quotes and a selection of quotes on creativity.

Have a great weekend and I hope to bring more information to you from our conference.



6 responses to “Friday Favorites – the Quick Edition”

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out for MANday!! I’m not one to back down from a challenge, but this is a pretty big one!!! I hope everyone goes and leaves CJ a little message. (I heard yesterday he had icecream instead of doing his planks!!)

  2. gingercalem says:

    Great links! Lots of great reading in here. I’ve now added some awesome quotes to my cache! 🙂

  3. Hi, Shannyn. Thanks so much for including me here! And now I’m off to check out the others. And to be one of CJ West’s 5000 comments. Cheers!

  4. emmaburcart says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I can’t wait to read all the other posts. You always have great reads.

  5. Thanks for including me among such great company 🙂

  6. Elena Aitken says:

    Hey. Thanks for the linky love! (I’m totally late to the game…as per usual!)