Friday Favorites – The It’s Been A While Edition

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I’ve been swamped between the new school year, cheerleading, figuring out promotion for MORE THAN THIS, and thinking about starting something new. So while I’ve been active on Twitter, Friday Favorites hasn’t been happening because I fell behind on blog reading. I’m running late writing this now, but I did finally catch up on blogs. Please excuse the lack of organization I usually offer for these posts, but enjoy:

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Tawna Fenske wrote a post on believing in a happily ever after. As romance writers, we must have some faith that the HEA exists, especially for our characters, but it’s just that — faith. In reality, more than half of married couples get divorced. We don’t even know what the statistics are on couples who aren’t married. But we want to believe that HEA is possible. It’s why we write romance.

The women over on the Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms write about how kids take over our lives. We do things like renovate our homes

to better accommodate them. And then they take over said renovations. Their artwork fills every empty space. Their toys litter tables. For as much as these things would bother some people, for me, it makes my house a home. I love seeing the evidence of my children everywhere.

Elena Aitken talks about how as a mom, sometimes we can’t fix it. For me, this is one of the hardest things about motherhood –knowing when to let go and let them deal with things themselves because I can’t fix it.

Renee Schuls-Jacobson posts a fabulous poem, An Unconventional List of My Transgressions.

Chuck Wendig offers up a post on 25 things you need to do before you start your next novel. As usual, Chuck’s post is dead-on. I need the reminder to really get to know my characters. It’s hard, though, because as soon as I think I know them well enough, I’m anxious to write. What ends up happening then (and I know this from experience), is that I write tens of thousands of words that get scrapped because those words just helped me understand the characters. So I’ve learnednot to rush the process. I am collaging and I’ve made a play list for the new book and the ideas are flowing.

Dana Kaye has a great infographic about the growth of ebooks.

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Tiffany White does a roundup of some new fall shows that I didn’t talk about this week.

And finally, over on Reinventing Fabulous, Lani Diane Rich posted a message for the kind of woman I think we should all be.




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  1. Hi Shannyn! Thanks for the kind mention. That post was rough, but cleansing. And I just read Chuck Wendig’s piece: I’m pretty sure #22 was for me! Have a great weekend! 😉

  2. Thanks for the mention! It was such an easy post to write. It sounds like you can relate. Erin