Friday Favorites – Romance, Heroes, and Reviewers

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It’s been a busy week, as usual. I keep lying to myself and saying that it’s bound to slow down. Someday I might even start to believe those lies. Anyway, to kick things off this week, if you haven’t been online much, (or if you’ve had your head under a rock) you might’ve missed the big mess over on Goodreads. For those of you who don’t know, Goodreads is a social networking site for readers. It’s all about books. I’m a member, but haven’t done much over there. Basically, some reviewers give books bad reviews. It’s part of the game. Now there seems to be another group, who is remaining anonymous, who has made it their job to “out” the “bullies” on Goodreads. Things have gotten ugly, and I’m not going to link to that mess. If you’re really interested, Google it.

Instead, I offer up The Art of Practicing ARC from Babbling About Books, and More (by KT Grant). Here, ARC stands for Awareness, Respect, and Confidence. You should read this.

Then the awesome Romance Man puts it all in perspective. I can’t possibly do his post justice, so just go forth and read.

Amy Andrews wrote about blue collar heroes over on The Naked Hero blog. I love blue collar guys and I think they make great heroes. Amy says it well when she points out that blue collar guys are capable and good with their hands. It’s all very sexy. 

Moriah Densley did a guest post at the Ruby Slipper Sisterhood about real life heroes

Kait Nolan has 2 great posts up this week about romance. The first is about the word count of contemporary romance. If you’re not a writer, this probably won’t matter to you. She did what I’ve always been too lazy to do–she copied some favorite books into a Word document to see how long they are. I was surprised to see how short some of my favorites are. She also talks about conflict and external plot, something I’ve talked about before in regard to contemporary romance. Although the plot needs conflict, I’m not so sure that it has to be external.

In her other post, Kait simply talks about why she reads romance. I agree with everything she says — falling in love, the fist kiss, watching the hero and heroine have to work for love, the friends and family, and of course, the HEA. These are the things that keep me coming back over and over, especially for favorite authors.

Finally, I’m sure you’ve all heard “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. It’s one of those crazy songs that sticks with you and it’s been parodied and lip-synced everywhere, but I needed to post this one. God, I LOVE a man in uniform.




4 responses to “Friday Favorites – Romance, Heroes, and Reviewers”

  1. asraidevin says:

    My new claim to fame is I saw Carly Rae Jepsen in concert last week. She’s been my daughter’s favorite singer for a while now, it was pretty fun.

    The military version was pretty awesome. Great round up.

  2. Moriah Densley says:

    Hi Shannyn! I always look forward to your Friday Favorites. It’s so enormously flattering when you mention an article from me. Thanks for making my day! I love all the articles you posted here, especially the military Call Me Maybe. Fun! And thanks for staying upbeat. I needed that today.

  3. Emma Burcart says:

    That was awesome! I have never seen the real video, so I can’t tell if they made up their own dance or learned hers, but still. I was laughing and smiling the whole time. And you are right about a man in uniform!