Friday Favorites – Mash-up of Fun

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I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, especially with the holiday in there, but I did manage to find some awesome gems to read in my downtime. I hope you enjoy.

Since I didn’t do any kind of mash-up last week, I know I missed out on a bunch of Thanksgiving-related blogs.

Thankfully, Angela Peart did a Thanksgiving mash-up that offered me much to read.

Writing advice for the week —

Catie Rhodes talks about how to build characters through small traits. Great ideas. I think it’s the small things that make characters interesting and memorable.

Tawna Fenske describes how music lends itself to a writer’s process. I recently took a class with Lani Diane Rich that focused on the Discovery part of writing. The beginning stuff, where we get to know our characters. One of the assignments was to create a soundtrack for our WIPs. It wasn’t easy to create, but it definitely helps get me focused while writing. When listening to music does it influence how you writer?

Merry Farmer offers the only writing advice you’ll ever need. Mostly common sense, but we all need to hear it when we’re bombarded with conflicting advice daily.

Food and Drink–

With the holidays upon us, lots of food and alcoholic concoctions are consumed. Personally, I’m a baker. I cook for my family out of necessity, but I bake out of love.

Myndi Shafer offers her family’s cream cheese cookie recipe that I think I’m going to try.

To go along with those cookies, Jillian Dodd gives us the recipe forΒ holiday-themed cocktails.

Just for Fun–

Over on the Bettyverse, Nan writes about the importance of childhood dreams and how they can have a lasting impact on our lives.

Tiffany White does a weekly roundup of good TV on her Worth a Watch Wednesday. As a fellow TV lover, I read her post every week. This week she talks about Unforgettable, yet another new show I tune into. Check out her previous weeks’ posts for recommendations and critiques.

Jenny Hansen has a great post on creative swearing. When my children were smaller, I tried not to swear, but I’ve pretty much abandoned that attempt. By child number 3, my thought is that I can do what I want because I’m an adult. Of course, that means that she can swear better than anyone.

Here’s a little blurb that shows the power of social networking and Twitter. Artists gather to record a song to raise money for charity.

And finally, a friend of mine had a book release this week. Marilyn Brant’s book A Summer in Europe is now on sale. To celebrate, she’s taking readers on a virtual European tour. Check her web site to follow her blogs on the journey.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Have fun visiting the sites I’ve linked to. With all the great advice I’ve listed, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I think Jenny Hansen wins with her creative swearing. Between the list she gives and reading the comments, I had a heck of a laugh. How about you? How do you curb your potty mouth?



10 responses to “Friday Favorites – Mash-up of Fun”

  1. Emma Burcart says:

    Great list of links! I love your blog in general, so I gave you the Liebster Blog award today. Check it out here: (I’m crossing my fingers the link works, I’ve never put a link in a comment before!)

  2. Thanks for the blog love!!! Your blog looks great!!

  3. Hi, Shannyn! Thank you so much for including my Watch Wednesday link. πŸ™‚

    This is a great list of blogs…I particularly need to go ready Jenny Hanson’s and learn how to minimize my f*bombs. πŸ™‚

  4. Jenny Hansen says:

    Shannyn, you do a beautiful mashup! I am mad for your tagline up at the top of your blog – it put a big smile on my face. πŸ™‚

    I appreciate the link love. The More Cowbell Posse has been coming up with some pretty dang fine “clean swears” for me!

  5. Shannyn, thank you!!
    As I was searching online tonight for reviews for the new book (I’ve been trying to update my website…), I saw a link to your blog. It was so nice of you give my new book and the travel tour a shout out — I really appreciate it! Thanks for being so thoughtful. πŸ˜‰