Friday Favorites – Lots of Romance in the News

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I’m still behind in my blog reading and what makes it worse is that we’re at that point in the summer where the kids are a little bonkers. They’re restless even though we go out plenty and when they’re not fighting with each other, they go out of their way to irritate me. This is when I start checking the calendar to see how long until school starts.

First up, free stuff!!

Elena Aitken is celebrating her first year as a published author by giving away books. Stop by her blog to check it out.

Jami Gold is celebrating her blogiversary and she’s offering up a couple of worksheets for writers.

Here’s an interesting article about something I’ve blogged about before (here and here)– Soulmates. Kristen Mark writes about how many people believe in the concept of finding a soulmate. I was kind of surprised that so many people do. One thing that I found most interesting is that believing in soulmates can actually hamper your ability to find a long-term mate.

Emma Burcart extols the virtues of playing hooky. This idea is near and dear to my heart because I firmly believe in an occasional hooky day (although when I was a teacher I called it a mental health day). I sometimes let my kids play hooky. And it’s one of the things the heroine in my book MORE THAN THIS has to do as part of her list for the summer.

Dana Kaye has a great infographic on her blog about people who read books on ereaders. Interesting stuff.

Chuck Wendig has a 25 things post — This one on Bad Writer Behaviors. I certainly hope that if I were to ever do any of these things someone would smack me upside the head. 

I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but romance has been in the news a lot lately. Much of it is because of the attention 50 Shades of Gray has gotten. Regardless of what you think of the book, I like the fact that mainstream media is picking up on the fact that romance is not only big business, but intelligent women read it and write it. 

from Wikipedia

PBS aired a show last night about romance novels being a guilty pleasure. I recorded it but haven’t watched yet (so if it sucks, let me know so I can save the hour). It is available online if you missed it. Guilty Pleasures

Even without watching it though, I found this infographic amazing. I especially love what it says about the rise of ebooks (since my book will be an ebook)

Then, as if that’s not fabulous enough, the Huffington Post ran an article about Why Smart Women Read Romance. She also names some really smart authors (although I was a bit surprised that she didn’t name Eloisa James in that list).

Finally, a couple of things just for fun–

Mental Floss has a list of Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in July. Today, for instance, is National French Fries Day.

And last, since Sexy and I Know It is such a huge hit at my house (I think I mentioned before that I don’t know which is more disturbing to see — my husband or my son singing along). This video made me laugh when I saw it earlier in the week (totally safe for work):



Have you ever read a romance novel? If not, what would make you try one?



3 responses to “Friday Favorites – Lots of Romance in the News”

  1. Jami Gold says:

    Thanks for the link! Ooo, and thanks for sharing that video. I’d heard about it but hadn’t seen it yet. 🙂

  2. Elena Aitken says:

    Thanks so much for the shoutout!! I really appreciate it and awesome video!

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