Friday Favorites – 8/3

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I’m too lazy to come up with a real title for my blog post today. I’m trying to get ready for Shorty’s slumber party this weekend. So while I type away, my girls are downstairs cleaning. Yeah, you read that right, they’re cleaning. Voluntarily even. I’m also in the middle of copy edits for MORE THAN THIS. 50 more pages to go. Then one more quick read-through before I send it back to my editor. As exciting as it is to get copy edits, it’s pulled me away from my other writing, which is frustrating. If only I could squeak a few more hours out of the day….


As I’ve mentioned, RWA Nationals were last week, so I have a few round-up posts for those of us who couldn’t attend.

Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches talks about Stephanie Laurens’ key note address and makes some great points. She also includes great lines she overheard during the conference.

Natalie Markey talks about hanging on to the enthusiasm after returning from the conference. And Tameri Etherton talks about coming down from the RWA high.

Robert Smedley over on Fuel for Your Writing writes about How Batman Can Teach You to Be a Better Writer. His points are well thought out and really, how can you go wrong with Batman?

My friend and YA author, Erica O’Rourke is participating in a YA scavenger hunt. Lots of cool stuff.

Lifestyle stuff:

Natalie Hartford has an excellent post on the difference between men and women. She nails it. It’s so perfect that I might have to send my husband over to read the post 🙂

Jenny Hansen writes about finding balance in your life. This is something that I really suck at. And now that I’m actually writing under deadline, I fear it’ll get worse.

Just for Fun:

USA Today had a fun article about strong female characters in this summer’s movies. (Although Katniss was really springtime0

Tiffany White is holding the second annual Tambernies. Stop by and vote for your favorite TV shows.

And finally, this is absolutely freaking hilarious. If you’ve never read The Bloggess, you need to. She will make you smile on any given day. Today, she has a post on The End of Nathan Fillion. I love Nathan Fillion, so I had to read it. The post itself is a wrap-up of a previous ongoing joke. You NEED to click on the previous posts to understand this. BE WARNED– you will lose lots of time, but it’s worth the laugh.

If you could have any celebrity pose with twine, who would it be? (this question only makes sense if you read The Bloggess post)


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  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    I love this post, Shannyn!! The Bloggess is my all-time fave and you had a few I hadn’t seen yet so I’ll be busily reading.

    Thanks for the blog love – I appreciate it!