For the Love of Royalty

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Since I’m participating in the Diamond Jubilee blog hop (kind of, since WordPress won’t let me use the java script to include the links and raffle spot here), I thought I should do a post on America’s love for British royalty.

I remember the buzz when I was a kid about Charles and Diana’s wedding. I remember watching clips of it on TV. I was never a girly-girl, so I didn’t get the appeal.

Fast forward many years and now it’s buzz about William and Kate. I do admit a certain fascination for these two, only because for me they seem pretty normal. Up until the wedding, Kate struck me as a pretty down to earth girl, even though she was dating a prince. My interest is not so much in them being royalty, but in how being royalty seems to have changed her. It’s not a bad change. I don’t think that she’s all of a sudden become a bitch. She just looks different. Maybe more stuffy and formal?

I know a lot of people fell in love with them as a couple and couldn’t get enough. They’d read newspapers and magazines and they absolutely couldn’t miss the wedding. Not me, I couldn’t miss the sleep.

I don’t know that there was anything spectacular about their relationship that would make it noteworthy. Is it just because they’re royalty that makes it interesting? I suppose some people just treat it like they would any other celebrity couple, but for some reason it doesn’t have the same National Enquirer/paparazzi feel to it.

Are you fascinated by all things royal? What is it about them that makes Americans swoon?

Don’t forget the Diamond Jubilee blog hop in celebration of Ruthie Knox’s new book. Lots of prizes to win.

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