For the Love of Men in Uniform

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There are few things in this world that will make my heart go pitter-pat on sight. A man in uniform is one of them.

My favorite has always been the Marine Corps dress blues. (and it’s not because I married a Marine – their Blues are hot!)

But it’s not just military uniforms that do it. Firefighters, cops, even cowboys get it right. Yes, you read that right, even cowboys. I’ve thought a lot about this because I have a huge crush on singer Toby Keith. The thing is, he’s totally not my type, except for the fact that he’s a big guy. Blonde hair, curly hair, facial hair — all things I’ve never been attracted to. Now, of course, I will admit that his voice and his music have a lot to do with my crush, but then I realized that it’s the cowboy hat. Take the hat off Toby, and he’s nowhere near as appealing.

Part of what helped me come to this conclusion is Kenny Chesney. Millions of women scream and rave like he’s the hottest thing going, but I’ve never seen it. His head is the wrong size for his body or something. But … you put a cowboy hat on him and not only is he proportionate, but he starts looking better.

Uniforms can improve almost anyone. Denis Leary is far from my idea of a sexy man, but dress his up like a fireman, and woo-hoo the temperature rises.

What is it about a uniform?

It’s just clothes. But it’s more than that. It’s what the clothes represent, I think. The uniform takes a man and makes him a better version of himself. In some cases, it might be a bigger persona (like Kenny); other times, it might be the ideals that go along with the uniform (Marines and firefighters).

I know I’m not alone in my love for a man in uniform. Maybe it’s the implied danger with some uniforms or the idea that the man wearing it is a hero. I’m not sure. But I know that the uniform will always get me.

What do you think? What makes women swoon over a uniform?



8 responses to “For the Love of Men in Uniform”

  1. I think it’s some genetic alpha male radar. A uniform symbolizes status and having achieved something.

  2. I, too, am a sucker for a man in uniform. And, yes, cowboy hats count.

    Here’s my take on the fascination: even strong, independent females with spunk and sass and moxie (I count myself in that number), like to think the male is going to be the Alpha in the relationship.

    Doesn’t mean he gets to make the decisions. Doesn’t mean he gets to boss me around. Quite the opposite, actually (IMHO). It’s a man strong enough and confident enough about himself that he can let his woman be herself.

    And, snap her garter when the time is right…

    My favorite uniform is a cop on a motorcycle — motor jocks in police speak. Black boots to the knee topped with form fitting pants. Yum.

    Okay, leaving to slobber all over another site now. Nice post, Shannyn.

    • Cops don’t really do it or me, but I never considered the motorcycle riding cops. They’re a totally different breed.

      Confident to let a woman be herself…I think you’re onto something there. It would definitely explain why there are so many men in uniform as romance heroes.

  3. Shannon Esposito says:

    Yep, in the “fan of a man in uniform” club. I married a marine, but any uniform will do 🙂 I think it’s the integrity that comes with it. When a man puts on a uniform, he’s saying he’s willing to do whatever’s necessary to protect you…except for the cowboy? I’m not a cowboy fan, though.

    • I’ve never been a cowboy fan myself. It’s a pretty new thing for me because of country music, I think. I think a cowboy is protective–I’m pretty sure it’s a requirement for them to know how to use a gun 🙂

  4. Emma Burcart says:

    I think for me it’s something about the formality of it, because I feel the same way about men in suits. I guess I just think men look sexy all suited up. Plus, with most uniforms you know that a good body is under there. I don’t think that Seth Rogan guy would look good in a uniform. The man has to be manly to start with. What’s that saying, “The man makes the uniform.” Or something like that. Fun post! I love thinking about why I find men attractive. Heehee

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