First Kisses

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One of my first posts a couple of months ago talked about being a bad kisser. Today I want to talk about excellent first kisses. I think most people have experienced the good, the bad, and the so-so for a first kiss. But I believe that sometimes, it goes beyond being good, deep into WOW territory and that’s the kind of kiss I look for, especially the first kiss, between my characters.

I read a lot of romances because it’s a great way to take a break from my work and my writing, while still keeping my brain engaged. I’ve read about all kinds of kisses, but I find that most kisses between the hero and heroine fall into one of two categories: the passionate – hard and fast, or the sensual – slow and gentle.

Neither kind of kiss is better than the other. They both serve their purpose. It boils down mostly to what fits the characters. I’m in the middle of revising one manuscript while I write my current WIP. I find myself rereading those early scenes, the first kisses because they feel off. Part of it, especially in my WIP, might be because I don’t know my characters as well as I think I do. Are they passionate or sensual?

I think I tend to go for the sensual by default. It’s my fallback kiss. But the more I go through revisions, I think I might have to ramp things up to suit the characters. I have one heroine who is flighty and fun and one that is worse than a stick in the mud. (In fact, the hero often accuses her of having a stick placed elsewhere. 🙂  )

Then, I went back to my list of YouTube videos to use in this post and I got lost. I went back and searched some more. Really tough work, let me tell you, watching steamy kisses for hours at a time… Anyway, I digress again. What I found in looking at all those videos, is that while my supposition about the two types of kisses seems to hold up, it also looks like more often than not, that first kiss is of the slow and sensual variety.

Which made me think some more. Maybe it fits that the slow kiss is the first kiss. Both people are kind of seeing what works, hoping not to get shut down. Then I thought about times when the harder, more passionate kiss might come into play (other than when heading directly for the bedroom). I think if the characters have a history and the sexual tension has built up enough, I think that’s where the hard and fast kiss comes in. Maybe they’re friends-turned-lovers or they are lovers reunited.

Either way, it definitely makes me look at my characters more carefully before I have them lock lips.

What do you think? Is the first kiss between the hero and heroine based more on the characters or on their history? Do you have a preference for the type of kiss you like to read?



4 responses to “First Kisses”

  1. Emma Burcart says:

    So now we know what you were doing at the kiddie art lesson. How fun! I think you are so right on. The first kiss is usually slow if it is a result of the “regular” dating pattern. The person is new and exciting, but you don’t know each other that well and you haven’t been waiting that long. But the romatic tension we see on TV and the friends turned more than friends definitely go more for speed and passion because they’ve been waiting so long. That makes me wonder about the time when it’s a combo. You’ve been waiting a little while and taking dating slow, so at first it’s slow going. You know, they guy who’s had you wondering if he was really into you or if you were just friends. Then it switches gear into the hot and heavy passion filled kind. Maybe we all need to do some research!

    • I did feel quite naughty writing a make out scene in a room full of children creating art. The place is great though, because there is “Mom’s Club” where I can work while the kids play.

      I love friends-turned-lovers stories, so the combo kiss is a definite win.

  2. Debra Kristi says:

    I agree with Emma. What a fun way to spend your time. Heehee. I think the first kiss usually starts slow for the reason you sighted. Other’s to follow may vary depending on the couple and the situation. I like the combo kiss! I Love that John and Aeryn got #1 in the video, not that you had anything to do with that. But I still love it! I agree with Emma, we all need to do more research and report back here. 😉