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Okay, so I’m still digging out from deadline stuff. I managed to not only turn in page proofs for More Than This (early), but I also got book 2 safely in the hands of my editor (also a little early). And I accomplished this with a sick kid home from school all last week. Right now, I’m playing catch up (and starting a totally new project that I’m loving), so the blog is still short. I promise a real post soon about books I’ve read.

There has been a ton of debate about fan fiction and how many people are getting book deals for their fan fiction. I’ve never been a reader of fan fiction. In fact, until I met my critique partner I had no idea how big it was. But when I saw this, I had to share…




Do you read any fan fiction? Are you willing to pay for it if it gets published?





2 responses to “Fan Fiction”

  1. asraidevin says:

    I love fan fic. Until I started playing Dragon Age video game series, I didn’t get it. There was never a story I loved THAT MUCH that I wanted it to not be over. There are some really great stories both cannon and AU.

    I love AU (alternate universe) fan fic. But it’s so funny, because the writer could rename the characters and call it original fiction. It would be harder to get recognition for these original works.

    • I guess that’s the draw for fan fic — the not wanting it to be over. I don’t know if readers pay attention to things that start as fan fic — or if they care. 50 Shades started as fan fic and the only people commenting on it are other authors (at least that I’ve seen). Thanks for stopping by.