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I’ve been busy trying to think about my new WIP, so I’ve been collaging and creating a playlist so that I can get into writing my new shiny idea, so blogging has fallen to the wayside for a bit. But this is the time for all the new shows to hit the air and you know how I love my DVR. While I won’t try out every show, there are a lot I am willing to give a chance, especially since a bunch of shows I watched last year were canceled.

First up, The Mob Doctor. This show comes on right after one of my all-time favorites, Bones, so I had to check it out. It’s another Chicago-based show. Basically, a woman is a doctor and in order to get her brother bailed out from a problem with the mob, she agrees to indentured servitude. They call, she jumps. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes and there’s a lot to like. The feel for Chicago is right. I’m okay with the mob angle because I believe the mob is very much alive in the city. One thing that bugs me is that in those first 2 episodes, Grace leaves the hospital to “run some errands” and drives all over the city to take care of mob stuff. I’ve lived in the city. It doesn’t matter what time of day you’re driving (unless it’s 3 a.m.), there’s traffic. She zooms around and no one really questions how long she’s gone. I’m going ot keep watching because there is so much good stuff, though, like William Forsythe as the quintessential Chicago mob boss.

Next, I watched the first episode of Revolution. The second is on my DVR, but I’m saving it so my husband can watch with me. I heard nothing about this show until I heard a radio spot right before the premier. I recorded it because it seemed like something my husband would like (he’s a fan of things like Fallen Skies). The promo was something like, “What if there was no more electricity?” Basically, that’s the premise. Something happens and everything shuts down. I thought the show was going to be about the immediate aftermath, but it’s not. After the shutdown, the show skips ahead 15 years to see what life is like. It’s very dystopian, and things like that depress me, but I’ll probably continue watching because the show is good. It has a Lost kind of vibe.

I have the first episode of Vegas recorded, but I haven’t watched yet. One of my favorite actors, Jason O’Mara, is in it, but a friend told me that the pilot didn’t have nearly enough of him. So, I guess we’ll see.

Some other shows that haven’t aired that I’m looking forward to are: Arrow, Chicago Fire, Last Resort, and Made in Jersey.

But the show I’m most looking forward to is Elementary. I love a modern day Sherlock Holmes. I am absolutely in love with the new BBC series. Unfortunately, a season of that Holmes consists of 3 episodes a year (yes, they are 90-minute episodes, but still not enough). And I just saw on Twitter yesterday that new episodes aren’t going to air until the end of 2013. So while people are complaining about Elementary because it’s set in New York and Lucy Liu plays Watson, I’m going to give it a shot. While I never imagined Watson as a woman, I think Liu can be the perfect straight man to Holmes’ craziness.

What new show are you most looking forward to this season?

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